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    Once you log in, if you see the message, “Please complete your profile. If you do not, then how will you find out who “SIZZLES” with you?” Then you will need to update your profile. It can be done by clicking on the profile button. The profile button is located under your profile image, and next to the Groups link. Once selected, you will notice the five sections (Base, Myself Summary, Looking for, Lifestyle, and Physical). You can click into the sections and complete your profile.

    In order to fully take advantage of the Looks4Cooks site, you will have to make sure your profile is fully completed. You will not be able to see everyone you SIZZLE with if you do not complete your profile.

  • Concerns / Issues
    If for any reason you feel harassed, stalked, bullied, then you can report the defending party on the concerns and issues page. Looks4Cooks takes all concerns very serious and will fully investigate any request. You will not have to worry about retaliation.

    Looks4Cooks is dedicated to foodies and people with an interest in cooking and eating out. Looking for a site that meets all of your needs? You’ve reached the spot!

  • Ambassadors
    We plan to roll out our Ambassadors program in the near future. Our ambassadors will be responsible for spreading awareness to the Looks4Cooks brand. They will also represent Looks4Cooks at events.

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Terms and Services
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